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Our 2017 CSA is currently full. Signup for waitlist below in case we have any openings.

2016 proved to be an incredibly productive growing season and we couldn’t have done it without the help from our onsite farmers, Harper Kaufman and Christian La Bar. We are excited to have them continuing on for the 2017 growing season!

Our family will also be growing this spring; we have another baby on the way due at the end of May. More helping hands on the farm!

We hope to provide a few additional vegetable varieties to our shares this coming season. Late season boxes will have pumpkins, winter squash (acorn, delicata, and kabocha), purple potatoes, additional garlic, as well as a variety of herbs. We will also be increasing our broccoli and cauliflower production. We hope you all enjoy the additional varieties! Allison, Cole, and Baby #2 will continue to bring back fruits from the North Fork Valley as they become available. We hope you all enjoy eating them as much as we enjoy picking them!

This year we have 37 shares available, so please continue to spread the word about our CSA. Delivery prices, locations, and details will remain similar to last year with the addition of a discount of 50% off your delivery for any referrals you provide to nearby neighbors.

As always, we welcome any feedback you have regarding your experience with us. We hope to continue to feed you this coming summer!

CSA Dinner at Spradley Farms Saturday, September 9th, 2017
As the number of available shares grows, so does the distribution network. As of now the structure will be similar to last year.

Pick up at Spradley Farms – no charge
Pick up at Louis Swiss $80/season
Home delivery Aspen $120/season
Home delivery Basalt $60/season
Home delivery Carbondale $60/season

We will continue to try to maintain a balance of consistency while keeping the excitement of seasonal specialties. Item to expect this season:
New in 2017
Winter Squash
Purple Potatoes

    Baby Super Greens
    Pac Choi
    Green Onion
    Mesclun Mix
    Snap Peas
    Summer Squash
    Swiss Chard

We will supplement as many shares as possible with seasonal fruits from the North Fork Valley as availability allows us.

Eggs :
Available as an additional cost item this year.

½ dozen / week $43
1 dozen / week $85
2 dozen / week $170

Stay tuned for more information on:
Broiler Chickens:
We will have a consistent supply of frozen broiler chickens throughout the season. Weights range from 3 -5 lbs.

We will have unfiltered raw honey from Bees in Missouri Heights and at Rock Bottom Ranch.

$30/week x 17weeks = $510
Plus Delivery
Plus Eggs

Billing for Chickens and Honey will occur twice 8/15 and 10/10